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Spring 2015 Research Track

The open networking movement promises to free network operators from locked, proprietary hardware and software through a suite of technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network-Function Virtualization (NFV), network underlays and overlays, and programmable devices. ONUG is an association of industry leaders dedicated to fostering open networking adoption in the wider community. The new ONUG Research Track, co-located with ONUG’s Spring meeting, provides a venue for dialogue between researchers and practitioners.

Research Track Agenda – Thursday, May 14
Time Session
9:00-9:45 Building Trustworthy Networks with Data Plane Verification

  • Dr. P. Brighten Godfrey, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
9:45-10:30 When SDN Meets Security: New Killer Apps?

  • Dr. Guofei Gu, Texas A&M University
11:00-11:45 Short Talks

  • Dr. Sanjai Narain, Applied Communication Sciences
  • Jeff Rasley, Brown University
  • Da Yu, Brown University
2:00-2:45 Commoditizing the ‘Software’ in Software Defined Networking

  • Dr. Theophilus Benson, Duke University

Speakers for the ONUG Spring Research Track were selected and invited by the following Technical Program Committee.

Technical Program Chairmen

erranliLi Erran Li

Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent

Co-Chair, ONUG Research Track Technical Program Committee

Tim Nelson

Brown University

Co-Chair, ONUG Research Track Technical Program Committee

Technical Program Committee Members

Theo Bensoncomputer science facultystudio portrait
Theophilus Benson


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.15.56 PMNathan Farrington

Rockley Photonics

silhouetteAndrew Ferguson


silhouetteRodrigo Fonseca

Brown University

Yashar Gangali, University of Toronto

Yashar Gangali

University of Toronto

Monia Ghobadi, Microsoft Research

Monia Ghobadi

Microsoft Research

Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University
Shriram Krishnamurthi

Brown University

silhouetteT.V. Lakshman 

Bell Labs


Bryan Larish

U.S. Government

Nick Lippis
Nick Lippis

Lippis Enterprises

Z. Morley Mao, University of MichiganZ. Morley Mao

University of Michigan

Headshot formal

Paul Mockapetris


Bob Natale, MITRE
Bob Natale


Updated Vesko HeadshotVesko Pehilvanov

Credit Suisse

silhouetteDan Rubenstein

Columbia University

Neal Secher, BNY Mellon
Neal Secher

BNY Mellon

Vyas Sekar, Carnegie Mellon University
Vyas Sekar

Carnegie Mellon University

Jia Wang, AT&T Research

Jia Wang

AT&T Research

Minlan Yu, University of Southern California

Minlan Yu

University of Southern California