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ONUG Open IT Framework Industry Initiatives

The ONUG Open IT Framework Industry Initiatives aim to bring together vendors, standards organizations, open source communities, and entrepreneurs to take the working group requirements and develop corresponding standards and open source code, while also creating a governing body to oversee their development.

Join the ONUG Open IT Framework Initiatives

  • – Open SD-WAN Exchange (OSE)
  • – Monitoring & Analytics 2.0 (formerly OTMF & ONSF)
In-person workshops will take place in New York City and San Francisco leading into ONUG Spring 2017 for academics, IT executives, and vendors to collaborate and further define these initiatives. ONUG will provide an industry platform for the development of the initiatives that includes guidance, public/private plugfests, hackathons, and proof of concept demonstrations at ONUG Conferences.


IT executives and academics interested in joining the initiatives should fill out the signup form below.


All vendors interested in participating, please contact with initiatives inquiries and to receive the full initiatives agreement.
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Open IT Framework Definitions

Open SD-WAN Exchange (OSE)

The Open SD-WAN Exchange (OSE) is an open framework to allow for one vendor SD-WAN solution to directly talk to another vendor SD-WAN solution without reliance on underlying infrastructure and/or protocols. The “Open SD-WAN Exchange use cases address marketplace M&A, business partner connectivity, Cloud/Service Provider network connectivity, technology transition and vendor lock-in mitigation. Review some of the work being done and contribute via the OSE Wiki.


Monitoring & Analytics 2.0
The Enterprise IT community is in need of a new comprehensive suite of tools to manage software-defined infrastructure. The market for infrastructure analytic applications and monitoring was identified during ONUG’s summer 2016 Open IT Frameworks initiatives at NYU as a critical missing market in the creation of the cloud-based, software-defined infrastructure market. During ONUG Fall it was discovered that this market is well over $1B and will drive new underlay and overlay 2.0 buying criteria. This new initiative (which brings together the OTMF and ONSF initiatives) will focus on infrastructure analytic applications and monitoring 2.0, spanning from the state information and format required from underlay and overlay components, to its storage and retrieval in a data lake, to a range of new applications that assist IT business leaders and operational teams with their best-of-breed solution integration work and lifecycle management of cloud-based software-defined infrastructure. The ONUG Brilliant Box working group is being added to the Monitoring and Analytics initiative, as one of the key use cases for white/brite box is monitoring plus the value in white/brite box is in configuration automation, an infrastructure analytics application. Further, these devices would be more welcomed in the enterprise with support of ONSF and OMTF.


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