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ONUG Spring 2014 Agenda

ONUG Spring was a two-day event held May 5 and 6 in New York City.

In keeping with tradition, and to ensure an open, interactive dialogue among IT users, no press or equipment vendors were permitted to attend the morning keynote and panel sessions on either day. However, to foster collaboration and share IT business leader requirements, all afternoon sessions were open to the entire industry. The ONUG Spring afternoon agenda featured educational offerings in the form of tutorials and both days concluded with a final conference sessions, during which the whole ONUG community reconvened for a larger discussion.

The full agenda included keynotes and panels, which were designed to provide a diversity of opinions on SDN deployment from IT business leaders. Current SDN IT architects and designers took the stage to discuss their motivations for deploying SDN and the business benefits they are receiving from the technology. Industry leaders and early adopters shared best practices to consider when contemplating the move to an SDN strategy.

Key technology investors discussed the impact the emergence of SDN has on industries associated with cloud IT services and, specifically, on traditional networking. They provided insight on which vendor companies are the best positioned to win in this new environment.

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Time Day 1 Day 2
8:00 – 8:50 Demo Fair and Breakfast Demo Fair and Breakfast
ONUG Board Fireside Chat
Session 1

  • Ernest Lefner, Bank of America
  • Keith Shinn, Fidelity
  • Conrad Menezes, Sears
  • Aryo Kresnadi, FedEx
ONUG Board Fireside Chat
Session 2

  • James Younan, UBS
  • Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup
  • Gene Sun, FedEx
  • Carlos Matos, Fidelity Investments
8:50-9:00 Welcome to ONUG Welcome to ONUG
9:00-9:30 State of Open Networking with Nick Lippis Software Defined WAN at Cigna with Mike Elmore
9:30-10:00 ONUG Board Use Cases Presentation and Discussion


  • Ernest Lefner, Bank of America



  • Keith Shinn, Fidelity Investments
  • James Younan, UBS
  • Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup
  • Vesko Pehlivanov, Credit Suisse
  • Aryo Kresnadi, FedEx
  • Lane Patterson, Symantec
  • Conrad Menezes, Sears
Software Defined WAN at Pfizer with Nelson Tai
10:00-10:30 IT Business Leader Panel Discussion: Open Wide Area Networking


  • Lane Patterson, Symantec



  • Conrad Menezes, Sears
  • Gene Sun, FedEx
  • Nelson Tai, Pfizer
  • Mike Elmore, Cigna
10:30-11:00 Demo fair break Demo fair break
11:00-11:30 Open Networking at Gap Inc. with Naveen Zutshi IT Business Leader Panel Discussion: Open Networking/Storage Deployments and Concerns


  • Nick Lippis



  • John Storm, Morgan Stanley
  • Tony Velleca, UST Global
  • James Younan, UBS
  • Keith Shinn, Fidelity Investments
  • Pablo Espinosa, Gap Inc.
  • Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup
11:30-12:00 Open Networking at Citigroup with Greg Lavender
12:00-2:00 Lunch and Demo Fair Lunch and Demo Fair
1:00-1:20 Luncheon Series: Software Defined Networking at JPMorgan

  • John Cavanaugh, JPMorgan Chase
ONUG SDN Hackathon Competition Presentations

Brought to you by:

  • Pertino Networks


Organized by:

  • SDN Hub with support from Stateless Networks
1:20-1:40 Luncheon Series: Software Defined Networking at WWT

  • Mike Taylor, World Wide Technology
  • Jeff Gray, Glue Networks
1:40-2:00 Luncheon Series: Distributed Storage at Bloomberg

  • Justin Erenkrantz, Bloomberg
  • Jeff Flowers, Storiant
Tutorials ONUG Conference Sessions Tutorials ONUG Conference Sessions
2:00-2:45 OpenStack Networking with Neutron

Kyle Mestery, Cisco and OpenStack
Understanding White Box Networking

  1. Rob Sherwood, Big Switch Networks
  2. Sean Varley, Intel
Open Networking Security Vulnerabilities Panel:

  1. Bob Laliberte, ESG



  1. Scott Bradner, Harvard
  2. Carlos Matos, Fidelity Investments
  3. Rajiv Prabhakaran, ADP
  4. Conrad Menezes, Sears
Implementing Network Policies in SDN: From the Enterprise to the Wide Area

Nick Feamster, Georgia Tech
Understanding SDN-based Network Virtualization

  1. Srini Seetharaman, Deutsche Telekom
Open Storage/Networking Investment Implications


  1. Ehud Gelblum, Citigroup



  1. Michael Goguen, Sequoia Capital
  2. Nikos Theodosopoulos, NT Advisors
  3. Rod Hall, JPMorgan Chase
  4. Paul Silverstein, Cowen and Company
2:45-3:30 IP Storage: SDN’s Killer App

  1. Stephen Foskett, Tech Field Day



  1. Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup
  2. Eric Hanselman, 451 Group
  3. Jeff Flowers, Storiant
  4. Chris Gladwin, CleverSafe
Network Service Virtualization:


  1. Eric Hanselman, 451 Group



  1. Vincent Patrizio, ADP
  2. Truman Boyes, Bloomberg
  3. Scott Hankins, Pertino
3:30-4:00 Demo Fair Break Demo Fair Break
4:00-5:00 ONUG Great Debate

  1. Moderator: Ernest Lefner, Bank of America
  2. Pro-SDN: Nick Feamster, Georgia Tech
  3. Pro-Status Quo: Doug Comer, Purdue University
Lucera’s Open Networking Competitive Advantage with Jacob Loveless
ONUG Use Case Voting Results with the ONUG Board
5:00-7:00 Cocktail Party ONUG After Party and SDN Hackathon Award Presentations at Harlow Restaurant
7:00-11:00 Private Dinners
Please note the agenda is subject to change.

Who Should Attend

  • Large Scale Corporate/Enterprise IT staff
  • Cloud and Service Provider Network Engineering and Application Performance Executives
  • Executive IT Research & Development
  • Global Network Strategist, Architects, Designers and Planners
  • IT Network Infrastructure and planning
  • Chief Technical Officers of Networks and Telecommunications
  • IT Business Leaders and IT Application Performance Engineering
  • IT Data Center Architects

Why You Should Attend

It’s all about the networking as the Open Network User Group is a meeting for users by users. No vendors are permitted in the conference sessions.

The Open Network User Group is a unique meeting exclusively for IT professionals interested in Open Networking and Software-Defined Networking.

You will learn from others who have implemented SDN projects both during their presentations and during social events throughout the day.

You will also have access to a demo area with innovative companies that were hand picked by the founding members, all of whom are IT executives.