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Luncheon Series: Network Telemetry for Traffic Monitoring in Physical and Virtual Networks

rony kay photo                   Joon Kim                  luca deri

Speakers: Dr. Rony Kay, Mr Joon Kim, and Dr. Luca Deri

If you cannot measure you cannot optimize.  Effective optimization hinges upon monitoring, measurement, and proactive bottleneck elimination. But real-time telemetry of physical and virtual networks is challenging at best.  Traffic flow needs to be steered to monitoring devices and applications.  SDN should be able to provide SPAN functionality on an arbitrarily large number of switch ports with highly customizable data capture and copy based on header and DPI matches.  In this session Mr Joon Kim, an Official Advisor for South Korea Cyber Space Command in Cyber Security, Incident Investigator in the Computer Forensic Division, and Advisor for Ministry of National Defense Criminal Investigation Command, Dr. Luca Deri, leader of the open source ntop project ( since its inception at 1998 aimed at developing an open-source monitoring platform for high-speed traffic analysis are joined with Dr. Rony Kay CEO of cPacket to discuss practical solutions to monitoring network traffic in physical and virtual networks in real-time.