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Machine Learning and Meta-Clouds Next for Cloud Services (Part 2)


by Dr. Cliff Grossner

Part 2 of a 2-part series. Don’t miss Part 1. 

Machine Learning and AI Transform Business

Machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics capabilities integrated with enterprise and mobile applications are set to bring more innovation, changing how enterprises will serve their customers. The following three trends have come together, to make it possible for enterprises of all sizes to apply analytic techniques to business processes, changing how they will serve their customers: (more…)

How to Turn IT from a Business Impediment into an Innovation Driver

by Muralidharan Palanisamy

In the past, people often preferred large, established institutions vs. smaller start-ups because the former offered a wider set of features and options. Let’s take the example of financial institutions. Large banks have the infrastructure and resources to offer their consumers high-quality banking facilities and support in different locations around the world.  (more…)

Machine Learning and Meta-Clouds Next for Cloud Services (Part 1)

Innovation in cloud services ushers in a new era for data center IT, re-defining market landscapes

by Dr. Cliff Grossner

Part 1 of a 2-part series. Don’t miss part 2.

Enterprises are migrating applications to the cloud, to improve agility and reap cost savings. Agility means enterprises can shorten the time needed to introduce new applications and either increase or decrease compute capacity to fit business need. Upfront capital expenditures (capex) can be shifted to as-needed operating expenditures (opex) using off-premises cloud services—shifting from investments in equipment and staff, to leveraging a cloud service provider’s (CSP’s) automated data center infrastructure, supported by highly skilled data center experts. (more…)

Digital Transformation Improves the US Economy and Creates Jobs: The New, “Megadigital” Economy

by Robert Cohen

Steve Case argues in his recent book, The Third Wave, that we are entering a new phase of the Internet and infrastructure where “the Internet will be fully integrated into every part of our lives…every industry leader in every economic sector is at risk of being disrupted.” In The Third Wave, entrepreneurs will use technology to revolutionize major “real world” sectors and transform the way we live. Because of the widespread transformation, we call this economy the megadigital economy[1]. (more…)

How We’ll Know When the Open Infrastructure Revolution Has Arrived

by Peter Burrows

It’s been four long years since VMware bought Nicira for over a billion dollars. That shocking price-tag—for a company with essentially zero revenues—sounded the starting gun for what was expected to be a rush by vendors to create new, open ways for companies to build, operate and monetize their networks. Rather than be locked into whatever the established hardware vendors happened to be selling, chief information officers would soon be able to cobble together the network of their dreams using that miraculous stuff called software. (more…)

Evolving IT Networks from Legacy Silos to Radical Responsiveness

by Ichiro Fukuda

Enterprise companies have historically organized themselves around functional silos such as R&D, marketing, and sales that focus largely on their own respective value chains and fiercely independent agendas. The nature of the network and IT infrastructure that therefore evolved to accompany this kind of business structure naturally emulated its lack of openness, sharing of information, and insights. As industries have undeniably become global and the speed of response that they demand has increased exponentially, enterprise organizations are feeling the heavy economic burden of the constraints of legacy business and technology structures built around these old philosophies. (more…)

Why Testing and Debugging Networks is so Difficult

by Nikhil Handigol

The network lies at the heart of a modern enterprise’s ability to perform its daily business and operations. When a network outage occurs, due to a policy misconfiguration or a device failure, business grinds to a halt. Almost every week, it seems, we read a new headline where a Fortune 500 company suffered the catastrophic consequences of a network outage. These incidents are costly, causing revenue loss and impacting corporate reputation and customer loyalty. In the most extreme cases, outages have triggered both a company bankruptcy and a CEO’s dismissal. (more…)

A Message to IT Executives, “We’re on Our Own and That’s a Good Thing!”

by Nick Lippis

One of the big picture views I’ve gained from working with the ONUG Community and ONUG Board over the past several years is the transformation of big business, due to an evolution taking place within the digital economy. The industry is in the third stage of the computing age that started in the 1950s, expanded exponentially with the internet economy of the late 1990s, and is now enabling new digital businesses due in large part to mobile and cloud computing. As in previous transitions, some executives embrace the change, like Netflix, while others ignore it, remember Blockbuster Video? Those that get it are using digital transformation to create new markets and compete with long established businesses, but the journey is through confused and choppy waters. (more…)