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How Full Stack is Driving Vendor Innovation

As products have become more specialized, they are appealing to an increasingly narrow and more sophisticated customer set. Firewalls are no longer meant for IT engineers, but firewall experts. SSL requires deep knowledge of SSL certifications. Such segmentation subsequently requires specialized expertise from IT personnel and poses a multidimensional challenge for hiring managers. (more…)

2016 Predictions for Networking Evolution

by Nick Lippis 

Last year members of the ONUG Community took front row seats to the emergence of a software-defined Infrastructure ecosystem and its cloudification. In this new software-defined world, the wide area or (SD-WAN) came into focus. ONUG Fall at NYU saw the greatest participation ever of SD-WAN players, as thirteen vendors exhibited an SD-WAN solution. In 2016, the ONUG Community will again have front-row seats to witness the significant changes taking place in the IT industry, particularly in open infrastructure. (more…)