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Software Defined Wide-Area Networks

by Nick Feamster

Designers of wide-area networks are turning to Software Defined Networking (SDN) to overcome the limitations of existing network protocols for setting up wide-area network configurations. Software Defined WANs (SD-WANs) refer to any wide-area network that is managed by software control; there are generally two types of SD-WANs: (more…)

VXLAN Comes of Age with BGP-EVPN

by Mike Cohen & Harry Petty

Back in 2011, when software-defined networking was in its infancy, Arista, Broadcom, Cisco, Citrix, and Red Hat joined together to rethink multi-tenancy and segmentation in the cloud datacenter.  The output of this collaboration was Virtual eXtensible Local Area Networks (VXLAN). VXLAN introduced an overlay scheme that expands the layer-2 network address space from 4K to 16 million, largely solving the scaling issues operators were seeing in VLAN-based environments.  More importantly, a broad range of networking hardware, ASICS, and hypervisor vendors  backed the proposal, creating an opportunity for long-term hardware support and smooth interoperability.   In fact, the ONUG virtual networks overlay working group has since called out VXLAN support in its very first solution requirement. (more…)

Automating, Programming, and Securing Your Network: SDN and Other Megatrends in 2015

by Sunay Tripathi

If you are building, operating, or enhancing a network in 2015, you are in a good position. The reason is: several industry trends are coalescing to provide the network buyer an opportunity to do more for less.

Several factors, including the rise of merchant silicon, hardware commoditization, disaggregation of hardware and software in the network, and emerging software-defined network (SDN) solutions enable a hyper scale datacenter to transform into a forward-looking enterprise to get more out of their IT and network investment.


Realizing the Vision of Network Services Virtualization – The Role of Solution Architecture

by Bob Natale

Network Services Virtualization (NSV) is an emergent capability, a transformation in network service delivery and consumption capabilities rising from the optimal integration of enabling technologies that collectively underpin the revolution in network virtualization. The set of NSV-enabling technologies – summarized in the listing in Figure 1 (red font) – centers on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and includes other technologies necessary for a fully functional NSV solution. (more…)

Container Networks and Network Containment

by Chris Swan

At the last ONUG meeting I presented on the topic of container networks and network containment. This time around there’s going to be a chance during the ONUG Academy to get hands on and take a deeper dive into Container Networks.

If you’re a networks person and you’ve heard of Docker but not yet taken a good look at it, then this is your chance. Similarly if you’re an ops person or architect who’s interested in Docker, but hasn’t yet figured out how it relates to networks, then this is the session for you. (more…)