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Software Defined Networking Use Cases

by ONUG Board of Directors


As SDN makes its way from concept to product to trial, most IT architects are building a long list of demands, but seeing relatively few practical solutions. To date, the primary real use cases have come from Internet behemoths such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. And so, on one hand, architects can take heart that if SDN concepts and implementations work for these hyper-scale Internet companies, chances are they’ll do just fine for those with networks of a more modest scale. On the other hand, hearing Google or Amazon success stories, and realizing that there’s a ton of engineering power behind the relatively few applications that those companies offer doesn’t translate well into the budget-conscious reality of most IT planners who must field thousands of apps with less engineering talent. Add to that forward looking challenges which will greatly increase the size and scope of networks, and it becomes clear that enterprise users will have a completely different but equally demanding set of uses. (more…)

Hackathon to build useful enterprise-focused SDN applications

by Srini Seetharaman

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The ONUG Fall 2013 conference highlighted a clear need for SDN in several domains of use. Most of today’s SDN vendors are targeting the need for network virtualization in cloud data centers. This status quo, however, leaves lingering needs in several other domains, including branch office networking, service chaining of L4-L7 appliances, and enterprise WAN. What the industry needs are reference implementations of SDN applications that address these open problems and improve the current mode of operation. (more…)